• Vaīīj, vāāīīīīj, tiešām nu varētu padomāt ka pirmo reizi vainīgais nav sodu saņēmis. 😉 …2006.g. Ungārijas GP… Šūmahers “nogriež” līkumu un izbraucot atpakaļ trasē… nepalaiž garām (!!!) aiz viņa braucošo de la Rosu, bet nekādu sodu nesaņem!!!
        Schumacher nearly made me crash, says de la Rosa.
        Pedro de la Rosa has admitted that Michael Schumacher almost caused him to crash in the latter stages of the 2006 Hungarian Grand Prix, when the German skipped the chicane and came out in front of the McLaren-Mercedes.
        Ailing due to his heavily worn intermediate tyres, it did not take long for the slick shod McLaren of de la Rosa to catch Schumacher but with a lack of good opportunities to overtake at the Hungaroring, not to mention a wet surface off the racing line, de la Rosa had to bide his time in passing the seven-time world champion.
        Nonetheless, de la Rosa got better traction out of turn five and dived down the inside of the Ferrari at the chicane, a move that prompted Schumacher to miss the corner 😮 and emerge back in front of the Spaniard. However, instead of letting de la Rosa through, Schumacher eased off in the next turn, causing de la Rosa, who had thought he was being let through, to hit wheels with him. 🙁 🙁
        Indeed, de la Rosa admits he was surprised that Schumacher didn’t let him through again, branding the move ‘unfair, although he eventually made a similar, but this time successful, move on the next lap to move into second place.
        “That nearly cost me a crash. I overtook him and then he jumped the chicane, okay, he came back and he backed off and I went into turn eight on the inside just thinking he was giving position away like he should and he suddenly accelerated and so I jumped over the inside kerb and we just crashed wheels and I really didn’t understand it.”
        Tā kā, mani draugi, neskumstiet! hehehe

  1. Kauns FIA, ja viņi nemainīs savu verdiktu un bezgodis Fetels paliks nesodīts par rupju lamāšanos Meksikas GP!
    Fetela nožēlojamo uzvedību kritizē arvien vairāk ar autosportu saistīti ļaudis:
    …Renault development driver Oli Rowland thinks the FIA could have imposed a race ban had they decided to punish Vettel.
    “In football I think it would have been a three match ban. I’m not saying they need to do that in this case, but that is a precedent for one sport so why not another,” said the 2015 Formula Renault 3.5 champion.

  2. Kā teiktu viens mans labs draugs – Feteli no Red Bull aiz čupra kā nogrēkojušos runci no pienotavas jau izmeta (D. Mateschitz on Vettel – “You don’t need a four-time world champion who at best can be best of the rest”) nu ir laiks arī Ferrari rīkoties! 😮 Tam piekrīt arī Sky F1 speci:
    Sky F1’s Marc Priestley believes tensions are mounting between Vettel and Ferrari and their partnership could be coming to an acrimonious end.
    “I genuinely think there are some serious cracks forming between Seb and the Ferrari team as a hole. Inside me I honestly feel this is the beginning of the end for their relationship.” 🙂

  3. Par FIA lēmumu nekonsekvenci kliedzoši “runā” sods Žakam Vilinēvam 1997.gadā!
    In 1997 Jacques Villeneuve was formally reprimanded by the FIA World Motor Sport Council for publicly describing a planned rules change for 1998 as “shit”. 😀
    Vettel’s comments were aired on TV and he can be punished by Whiting as he has broken article 151C of the Sporting Code and bringing the sport into disrepute. 🙁 🙁
    The rules say: “Any of the following offences in addition to any offences specifically referred to previously, shall be deemed to be a breach of these rules:
    “Any fraudulent conduct or any act prejudicial to the interests of any competition or to the interests of motor sport generally.”