1. kārtējā humora deva no B.C.E (nu par tiem noteikti droši atrodamajiem sicīliešu senčiem Žana Toda raduraxtos). Kamēr par Arribenes amatu – vien balta skaudra patiesība.

    “When I got Jean Todt to take his position and go to Maranello – which was a bit of a risk for Jean to do – it was an all-Italian team and they were a bit concerned about taking a foreigner,” Ecclestone told the official website. “But I told them: when you win the championship you sure will find ancestry in Jean’s family that comes from Sicily.

    “Now it has gone back to being a very Italian team again,” he continued, “and it is run like an Italian team. So I don’t envy Maurizio’s job. I wouldn’t want to do it.”